About school

Salesian Primary School (SSP) and Secondary School (SLO) are public catholic schools (we do not require any fees) run by the Salesian Congregation. We bring up the youth according to Christian values.

We use the John Bosco's educational system.

Our school is safe.

Teachers know every student and are kind, protective guides of youth.

Students wear school uniforms which are an important part of our tradition and identity.
Our student government has influence on some school events and customs.
The students are involved in a voluntary work.

We work in a single-shift system.
Our school is located in the centre of Lodz, Wodna 34 Street.

We offer high level of education. Not only do we realize the educational system, but also provide the variety of extra-curricular classes.

We teach English (obligatory for all students), German and Spanish.
IT classes are in a computer lab for 15 students, we work in Linux and Windows systems with an optical fibre connection.
Students choose sections to complete the physical education classes.
We often visit museums, theatres or exhibitions.
First classes start their stay at school from the camp.
We organise camps during winter and summer holidays.
For many years we have organised the international youth exchange.
We obtain high results in exams.

Mode of teaching

Secondary school

Latin and Philosophy are obligatory.
Students choose the extra matura classes at the end of the first year according to their preferences.
A student may realize three extra matura classes during the second and third year.

Primary School

Languages are taught in groups according to the level of students.
We offer one extra hour of the natural science subjects in order to prepare students for the end-of-school exams.